Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Unless otherwise stated in the purchase order, all goods will be shipped prepaid, F.O.B. destination, by least expensive common carrier or Seller’s own vehicle. Time is and shall remain of the essence of this order. No acts of Buyer, including acceptance of late deliveries, shall constitute waiver of this provision. Buyer also reserves the right to refuse or return, at Seller’s risk and expense, late shipments, or shipments made in excess of Buyer’s orders or in advance of required schedules or (if such shipments are not refused or returned) to defer payment on such deliveries until scheduled delivery dates. Seller shall notify Buyer immediately, in writing, of any actual or potential labor dispute or other cause that delays or threatens to delay the timely performance of this order. In such event, Seller will update Buyer regarding delivery status from time to time, as necessary to fully inform Buyer of the status of all delays and the anticipated date of delivery. No such notice shall relieve or modify Seller’s obligation to render timely performance in accordance with the terms of this order.
Returns & Replacements
All returned, canceled, and/or refused products are subject to a 20% restocking fee. The restocking fee will not apply if the return is the result of an error by Houghton Lake Firearms. Shipping fees are not refundable. All returns must be preapproved by HLF, must be issued a return authorization (RMA), and must be returned in new condition within 30 days of order fulfillment. Please contact HLF Sales/Customer Service toll free at 1-888-918-9897 for any additional information and/or return authorization.

WARNING: Please insure that the firearm is unloaded with chamber flag installed if possible or use a plastic wire tie. Do not ship live or spent ammunition in your firearm or in the same shipping container as the firearm. This is a violation of federal law. If you have been instructed to send in spent casings by a Houghton Lake Firearms representative, please send them in a separate package with its own completed return form.
• Record the serial number of your firearm before sending it in.
• Contact HLF for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Download, print and fill out the Return Merchandise Authorization / Repair Form and pack the completed form with the product.
• Remove all accessories and optics from firearm to prevent loss or damage. List any attached parts / accessories.
• Pack your firearm in a hard case to prevent damage during transport; product not shipped in a hard case may be refused; if accepted they will be returned to the sender in used shipping case and charged accordingly.
• Houghton Lake Firearms is not responsible for items damaged due to inadequate packaging.
• For OUT-OF-WARRANTY repairs and returns customer is responsible for shipping charges when returning product to HLF.
• Ship product to HLF by UPS, U.S.P.S or FED-EX. If HLF is reimbursing shipping costs no Next Day, Second Day or 3-Day Select is reimbursed, GROUND SHIPPING ONLY.
• For OUT-OF-WARRANTY repairs, customer also pays all PARTS and LABOR costs, including shipping charges and insurance. Payment information is required prior to the return.
• Serialized components must be returned in accordance with all local, state and federal laws.
Payment Information
Houghton Lake Firearms accepts online or telephone payment via credit card, debit card, or electronic check (ACH). All payments sent electronically are securely transmitted. Houghton Lake Firearms also accepts payment via purchase order for qualified customers. Invoices may be paid by check or credit or debit card.
Updating Account Information
Once a customer has created an account, and logs in they will have access to features on the front-end that they otherwise would not have. This includes the My Account page, My Wishlist, and Checkout with Multiple Addresses. When a customer clicks on the My Account link, they will be taken to the Account Dashboard. This is a summary of the most important account information, including Recent Orders, the general Contact Information, Newsletter status, default addresses, and Recent Reviews. If they click Edit for any of these options, they will be redirected to the corresponding tab of the more detailed My Account page. This offers more even more account information.